Well I hope everyone is enjoying Wolf Hall? I certainly am and it has been getting such fab reviews. It's so nice when something you had so much fun making goes down well. We had such a lovely time doing the tour of all the National Trust properties between Devon and Gloucester, Wales and Kent!! We had a huge cast and some challenging scenes but I think the finished product looks and sounds amazing.
We even made the front cover of The National Trust Magazine. Well I'm hidden behind the Duke of Suffolk but you get the idea!

Simon Clark and I went pretty much straight on to The Go-Between, a remake of the 70's classic. I don't know a TX date yet but am very much looking forward to that too.

I've been pretty quiet since then apart from a nice jaunt to the south of France for a week of second unit.

I'm about to start a feature film in London that has been pushed back numerous times but is now starting on the 2nd of March. It's only for 6 weeks so I'm free again from the middle of April. 
Please get in touch if you need a Boom Op, ideally near Bristol but of course I will travel,
please    Contact Me

I hope you are all busy and well,

All the best x

Updated - 12/09/14